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Wizz Air the largest Vilnius airline 10 July 2012

Wizz Air recently introduced a second Vilnius-based airplane to its Lithuanian schedule and became the largest airline operating from the Lithuanian capital.

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In the current year Wizz Air is expected to carry half a million passengers, easily surpassing other airlines operating in Vilnius.

On announcing the new plane Eligijus Masiulis, Minister of Communications and Transport, thanked Wizz Air for their role in increasing tourism to Lithuania.

“Last year all three airports in the country reached a record-breaking number of passengers for Lithuanian standards – 2.7 million. We are very pleased that the airline Wizz Air significantly contributed to such results by opening its base in Vilnius International Airport in spring last year. The company offers direct flights to destinations we never had in Lithuanian aviation history; therefore, we believe in successful cooperation between Wizz Air and Vilnius International Airport in the future and that the number of passengers in our airports will break last year’s record,” the Minister said.

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