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Crime and Law Enforcement in 2011 31 May 2012

The latest edition of "Crime and law enforcement activities in 2011" has been released. As the name suggests, this publication documents criminal activity and the work of law enforcement agencies over the preceding year, as well as provide statistical information on law enforcement activities.

Lithuanian Police Car with flag

At the start of 2012 there were 9,900 police officers in Lithuania, and that was a drop of 812 from the start of 2011, or the equivalent of the total staff of the Panevėžys district.

In 2011 the total number of crimes reported was 79,500, an increase of 2%. As in the previous year, 6% of crimes were serious or very serious. During the 2009-2011 period the annual number of murders declined. In 2011 there were 204 registered homicides, or 13 fewer than in 2010.

Two-thirds of registered criminal offences were property related. Of the 37,000 registered crimes nearly three-quarters were thefts. There were 4,100 home burglaries, which was a drop of 17% on the previous year. A total of 1,500 car thefts were reported, or a drop of 12%. However the number of fraud cases in 2011 rose an alarming 25% to 5,500 over the year.

In 2011 Lithuanian courts convicted 15,400 people for various offences, or 265 (2%) less people than in 2010. At the end of 2011 there were 9,900 people in prison, up from 9,100 in 2010.

Lithuania has 236 persons in prison per 100,000 of population, and is among the highest in the EU along with Latvia at 301, Estonia 265, Poland 228. The lowest rates of incarceration are: Finland 63, Denmark and Slovenia under 66, Sweden 74 and Ireland 77. The EU average is 129.

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