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New Domestic Violence Laws Start to Bite 23 April 2012

Four months ago Lithuania adopted new laws in protection against domestic violence.

In that time police have received nearly 10,000 reports of domestic violence and have opened over 3,300 investigations, reported News Radio.

smurta domestic violence

The Police Department announced that in January there were 3,489 reports, 2,220 in February and 1,977 in March.

Males were by far the largest percentage of alleged perpetrators accounting for 2,776 of incidents, 115 women were reported, as were 6 children as the instigators of violence.

As far as victims go, it was almost the exact reverse, with 2,777 female victims, 288 males and 236 children reported to be suffering incidents of domestic violence.

The new domestic violence laws in Lithuania, which took effect in December 2011, state that all reports of domestic violence have to be investigated, even if the victims later refuse to press charges.

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