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Lithuania Post Moves to Electric Cars 23 April 2012

Lithuania Post recently introduced an electric car for the provision of postal services. Based on estimations made by the company, the electric car will make savings of several thousand litas per year.

Electric Car Lithuania Post

Costs per 100 kilometres covered by the electric Tazzari Zero should be 7 litas (approx €2) making it five times cheaper than using a conventional petrol car. On top of that there are no parking charges electric cars, and unlike conventional or hybrid cars, this model does not produce any harmful CO2 gasses causing greenhouse effect.

Eligijus Masiulis, Minister of Transport and Communications, having arrived at the event in the electric car expressed his support for Lithuania Post which has made such a contribution to the promotion of ecological transport and cost reduction.

“Lithuania Post is one of the pioneer companies that have changed traditional petrol and diesel cars into electric ones. If this solution serves its purpose, I believe it will not be the only car in Lithuania Post’s fleet,” Minister Masiulis said.

Lina Minderiene, Chief Executive Officer of Lithuania Post, said that this economical and ecological vehicle was the first but not last step in moving towards environmentally friendly operations.

“For the meantime, our expectations have been realized. Maintenance costs for the electric car are considerably lower than for the old one. This is very important to the company which is endeavouring to make activities more efficient”, Lina Minderiene said.

The weight of Tazzari Zero is less than 550kg. The electric car can be charged by a standard 220-volt household wall socket, and is plugged in at Lithuania Post HQ. Fully charged the car can cover approximately 140km, at a maximum speed of 100km/h.

Lithuania Post is leasing the electric car.

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