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Employee Earnings Analysis - October 2011 12 April 2012

Last year, one fifth, or 20% of employees in Lithuania earned LTL800 or less per month, more than half of them worked part-time.


Statistics Lithuania announced that in October 2011, compared to October 2010, the number of employees who earned the minimum monthly wage (MMW) or received a wage of LTL800 or less, including individual enterprises, accounted for 20.8% (or 215,600) employees and decreased by 0.3%. More than half of these employees (114,200) worked part-time.

11.2% of full-time workers on MMW

In October 2011, the number of full-time employees accounted for 86.8% of the workforce. 11.2% of full time workers, or 101,400, earned MMV or less. 6.2% or 21,100 were in the public sector – 14.2% or 80,300 were employed in the private sector.

Compared to the same period last year, the number of employees on MMW grew by 0.3%, up 0.7% in the public sector and down 0.1% in the private sector.

The number of full-time employees earning less than LTL1500 dropped by 1.4% and stood at 44.0% - 30.1% in the public sector and 52.3% in the private sector.

Those earning more than LTL2500 increased by 1.6% and accounted for 27.5% of full-time employees, while in the public and private sectors it increased by 2.1% and 1.6% (from 36.4% and 22.2% respectively).

Median earnings in second quartile - LTL1689

In October 2011, the lowest 25% of full-time employees earned up to LTL1050, the second 25% earned from LTL1051 to LTL1689, the third from LTL1690 to LTL2615, the last more than LTL2616.

The highest wages were seen in the financial and insurance sector: the lowest 25%earned up to LTL2050, the second 25% of all finance and insurance employees earned from LTL2051 to LTL2900, the third from LTL2901 to LTL4500, the highest 25% more than LTL4500.

The lowest wages were earned by employees in the accommodation and food services: the lowest earning 25% earned up to LTL800, the second up to LTL900, the third to LTL1300, the last up to LTL1301 or more.

Most employees in accommodation and food service sector earned up to LTL1500

One third of full-time employees earning MMW were in the accommodation and food services sector, one quarter were part of the ‘other service activities enterprises’ sector.

81.9% of food services sector workers earned LTL1500 or less, while 60.5% of workers in the ‘other service activities enterprises’ sector earned LTL1500 or less.

Over the year, the number of full-time employees earning LTL2500 and more in the information and communication enterprises sector increased by 7.6%, in mining and quarrying enterprises up 6.8%.

The number of employees earning LTL5501 and more in the financial and insurance activities sector was 16.1% of full-time employees, in the information and communication sector 13.6% earned LTL5501 or more, while in the scientific and technical activities sector it was 8.9% of workers above that figure.

Over the year, the number of full-time employees earning LTL10,001 and more in the economy increased by 707 employees and amounted to 5,082 persons (of whom 4,296 were in the private sector). Most worked in the wholesale and retail trade sector (981), manufacturing (846), financial and insurance activities (590).

In October 2011, 1515 employees were earning more than LTL15,000 of whom 1441 were in the private sector.

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