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Coalition politics should not keep Seimas from strategic tasks 14 March 2012

Prior to the Seimas' spring session, President Dalia Grybauskaitė and members of the Board of the Seimas traditionally meet to discuss key legislative initiatives.

president and seimas
Photo courtesy Press Service of the President

Speaking about the underlying priorities, the President emphasized that with a view to the upcoming elections, the Seimas should not allow political ambitions undermine the tasks that are important for the State.

According to the President, the Seimas needs strong political will to make the appropriate decisions necessary for ensuring energy and financial security in the country and, as the Constitutional Court has ruled, to pay back the debt to people affected by the recession, i.e. to adopt legal acts governing the compensation of retirement pensions that have been reduced during the crisis.

"This pre-election fight should not prevent the Seimas from resolving the strategic issues of relevance to Lithuania. I invite politicians to act responsibly - suppress their political ambitions and complete the initiated works promoting energy independence and financial stability, as well as restore social justice," she said.

According to President Grybauskaitė, today the safeguarding of Lithuania's energy independence is a key goal on the path to consolidating its political independence. She underscored considerable progress in energy and heat economy sectors over the last three years. Now it is important to ensure that all laws that are necessary for implementing strategic energy projects are adopted during the spring session, the President said.

The President also underlined the need to continue making an effort to control the monopolistic heat suppliers. Therefore, during this session Seimas members should enact amendments to the Law on Heat Sector setting forth clearer heat supply procedures for independent manufacturers, and pass the Law on Energy Resources Market which will set preconditions for competitive prices of biofuels.

Among the underlying political priorities the President also named fiscal discipline and living within our means.
"Strict discipline helped us to avoid financial collapse during the crisis. We should continue dealing with our finances in a responsible manner and prevent waste in the future. It is necessary to ratify Europe's Fiscal Compact as its provisions will not allow wasting money or incurring heavy financial liabilities for the State," the President said.
The President and members of the board of the Seimas also touched upon the importance of VAT exemptions in promoting media which is independent from business and politicians, and discussed other legislative initiatives which could serve to improve the judicial system, expedite the litigation process, boost business environment and enhance competitiveness.

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